Did Personal Protection Specialties Create a Fake Website For Credentials?

Doing a quick search on the NRA website for instruction will lead you to only one instructor with 3 separate listings in the 54727 zip code area.  Here is a screen capture showing our search result.







When we clicked on the bottom link Click for Details we saw this.  Again a screen capture before this information changes.









You can see Personal Protection Specialties has posted the business is a “Member WACFI Wisconsin Association of Certified Firearms Instructors. www.wacfi.com”.

Having never heard of this Association we decided to take a peek at the advertised website  http://www.wacfi.com.  Here is how it looked September 12, 2011.











If that website design look familiar it should.  Its the same theme and graphics used on Personal Protection Specialties website.

Secondly we did a  Wisconsin Business Entity Search and found no results for this business, “Wisconsin Association of Certified Firearms Instructors”.  So as far as we can tell the business or association doesn’t legally exist.

Next we took at look at who is the registered owner of  http://www.wacfi.com by doing a whois search at GoDaddy.com.  Here is a screen shot of what we found:











The same contact and registration details provided to GoDaddy that was used for registering http://personalprotectionspecialties.com.  It appears Personal Protection Specialties is bragging about belonging to an association that doesn’t legally exist and an association created by its owner.  What do you think?

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